trento film festival Film Festival della Lessinia premio cassa rurale Film Festival della Lessinia premio log to green MIGLIOR-SOGGETTO-FUORI-LIMITE-Fluvione-Film-Festival-2021 semi-finalist-international-moving-film-festival-2021 Malnad International Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Roma Green Film Festival - 2021 Italia Green Film Festival 2022 Bardolino film festival Cinema e ambiente Avezzano Cinema e ambiente Avezzano

Upcoming screenings (in update)

+++69°Trento Film Festival - Italy+++
Premio CinemAMorE miglior film Orizzonti Vicini

+++27°Film Festival Della Lessinia - Italy+++
Premio della Cassa Rurale Vallagarina al miglior film sulle Alpi
Log to Green Movie Award per il miglior film della sezione FFDLgreen
2° Posto per il Premio del Pubblico

+++9° Fluvione Film Festival - Italy+++
Premio come Miglior Soggetto nella sezione Fuori Limite

+++Malnad International Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival 2021 - India+++
Best feature Film Award

+++International Moving Film Festival 2021 - Iran+++
Official Selection - PreFinalist

+++19°Krakow Mountain Film Festival - Poland+++
Best Culture/ People/ Nature Mountain Film Award

+++Roma Green Film Festival - Italy+++
Official selection

+++Italia Green Film Festival - Italy+++
Golden Leaf Consapevolezza

+++Cinemambiente Avezzano - Italy+++
Official Selection

+++Bardolino Film Festival - Italy+++
Official Selection

+++Green Montenegro International Film Festival- Montenegro+++
Official Selection

+++Xplore Aples Festival- Swiss+++
Official Selection

parlano di noi alla puntata di #maestri - rai3

parlano di noi alla puntata di Destinazione Futuro - La montagna che cambia

parlano di noi su Planetmountain

Primascesa per Vibram

Intervista per Linkiesta



4/12 ore 11:00 AM - ICE KRAKOW - SALA KINOWA S3A
Krakow Mountain Festival more info here



12/03/2022 ore 20:30 SERRADA

22/03/2022 ore 20:30 TEATRO SANBAPOLIS - TRENTO


22/04/2022 ore 19:00 Sala Coworking della Memoria - Merano


7/05/2022 ore 18:30 M9 Museo del '900 - Mestre PedalandoaVenezia info qui

20/05/2022 ore 21:00 Sala Verdi Villa Obizzi Albignasego - Padova info qui


5/06/2022 ore 20:45 Cinema Teatro San Giorgio - Castello Tesino info qui

15/06/2022 ore 16:00 Cinema Corallo - Bardolino Film Festival info qui

19/06/2022 ore 21:30 Cinemambiente - Avezzano info qui

24/06/2022 ore 21:00 Il Masetto - Terragnolo info qui


23/07/2022 ore 19:00 Centro Culturale di Quero (BL) info qui


06/08/2022 ore 11:00 Hotel Gorske Oci Black Lake - Green Montenegro International Film Festival info qui

10/08/2022 ore 21:00 Palaghiaccio - Bosco Chiesanuova

21 Agosto | ore 20:30 Piazza di Sonogno, Verzasca con Ciclocinema info qui


10/09/2022 Identity In Motion Festival - Laives info qui

20/09/2022 ore 19:00 Youth 4 Climate - Merano Sala Coworking della memoria info qui


02/10/2022 ore 20:30 Moltiplicazioni Festival con Cinema du desert - Rovereto info qui

02/10/2022 ore 20:30 Verona Climbing Festival - Trattoria Ca Bottona info qui

28/10/2022 ore 20:30 Tignespace - 18 D87A - 73320 Tignes - Xplore Alpes Festival info qui

29/10/2022 ore 13:30 Cinéma Coeur d'Or - Rue Saint Jean - 73700 Bourg Saint Maurice - Xplore Alpes Festival info qui


25/11/2022 ore 20:45 Auditorium Biblioteca Comunale di Oriago di Mira


21/12/2022 ore 20:40 San Giorgio in Bosco (PD)



16/02/2023 ore 20:30 Sala Visioni Dolomiti Hub - Fonzaso (BL) info qui


1/03/2023 ore 21:00 Molin de Portegnach, Faver-Altavalle (TN) prima della proiezione dalle ore 19:30 sarà possibile cenare con i protagonisti info qui

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The documentary tells the story of the most extraordinary first ascent carried out by two mountaineers. Simon and Giovanni attempt to climb one of the last untouched summits in the world: a mountain of garbage, the one that each of us contributes to create every day. After having faced unprecedented physical difficulties, they finally reach the top of the landfill and then they ski down.


Psychologist and hiker – All his life he has been exploring the mountains of Trentino, trying to describe places that still are untamed and to show their surprising sides. He practices climbing and ski touring, but he’s also passionate about solo and zero-impact hikes. After writing narratives and shooting short videos for a few years, he decided to release his first feature film, hoping that it will become a way to raise awareness and help people reflect on the environmental issue.


Nature lover and mountaineer – For several years now he has been spending summers in the mountain pastures, to find the most authentic relationship with the alpine tradition. As soon as he has some free time, he climbs the mountains nearby, seeking the silence that only the close contact with rock can offer. He now works in one of the oldest organic farms in Trentino and he dreams of managing his own one day.


Mountaineer and activist – He spent a few years hitchhiking and walking the streets of the world. During his travels he saw with his own eyes to what extent human waste can transform an earthly paradise into an unlivable place. For years now he has been undertaking a deep self-analysis to understand how far his lifestyle can affect the health and beauty of the environment. He has now started a battle against disposable products and for the use of reusable and washable face masks.